Forest search notice on Alex Mary’s work!

22 March 2024

The works of Alex Mary, a PhD student in wood and bio-based materials engineering under the supervision of Pierre Blanchet (Laval University) and co-supervision of Véronic Landry (Laval University), are the subject of Forest Research Notice No. 187 from the Quebec Forest Research Direction, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forest!

Congratulations, Alex, on this exceptional achievement, which highlights the quality of your research project on « Valorization of local resources for wood adhesives »

Wood, a renewable and abundant resource in Quebec, is seducing the construction sector with its environmental benefits and aesthetic appeal. Engineered wood, such as cross-laminated timber, can be used as beams or columns in construction. It is made up of small strips of wood glued together orthogonally using structural adhesives. However, the use of petrochemical-based adhesives in the design of wood structural materials is an environmental issue. Reducing the use of petro-sourced materials in adhesives will help consolidate the ecological status of wood-based materials.

The results presented in this research paper were awarded 1st prize in the 3rd cycle category of the « Gustave-Clodomir-Piché » university scientific poster competition at Carrefour Forêts 2023!

Congratulations  Alex and we wish you all the best in your career!