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Scientific Journals – 2023

Alipraja, I., Hernández, R. E., Koubaa, A. (2023). Effects of Wood Species on the Energy Requirements and Size Distribution of Strands Produced by a Strander-Canter. BioResources18(3), 5873-5886.

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Ben Mahmoud, B., Lehoux, N., Blanchet, P. (2023). Integration mechanisms for material suppliers in the construction supply chain: a systematic literature review. Construction Management and Economics

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Boivin, G., Ritcey, A.-M., Landry, V. (2023). Silver Nanoparticles as Antifungal Agents in Acrylic Latexes: Influence of the Initiator Type on Nanoparticle Incorporation and Aureobasidium pullulans Resistance. Polymers15(6), 1586.

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Brial, V., Tran, H., Sorelli, L., Conciatori, D., Ouellet-Plamondon, C. M. (2023). Effect of fluorite addition on the reactivity of a calcined treated spent pot lining in cementitious materials. CEMENT12, 100070.

Canuel, C.-M., Thiffault, E., Locoh, A., Thiffault, N. (2023). La bioénergie forestière pour lutter contre les changements climatiques : quelles implications dans la transition énergétique du Québec (Canada)? The Forestry Chronicle, 99 (1), 11-24.

Chagnon, C., Moreau, G., D’Orangeville, L., Caspersen, J., Labrecque-Foy, J.-P., Achim, A. (2023). Strong latitudinal gradient in temperature-growth coupling near the treeline of the Canadian subarctic forest. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change6

Chen, X., Conciatori, D., Sanchez, T., Sorelli, L., Selma, B., Mohamed, C. (2023). Numerical modeling of multi-ionic transport with/without electrical field applied in sound and microcracked ordinary and ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete. Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, 23, 232.

Chen, Z., Sorelli, L., Benard, P. (2023). Creep microindentation of low-density oil well cement and the implication on radial cracking risk of cement sheath. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering220(A), 111155.

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Dadras Chomachayi, M., Blanchet, P., Hussain, A., Pepin, S. (2023). Vapor Barrier Membranes Based on Polylactic acid and Cellulose Microfibers for the Building Envelope Application. J Polym Environ

Dagher, R., Stevanovic, T., Landry, V. (2023). Wood color modification with iron salts aqueous solutions: effect on wood grain contrast and surface roughness. Holzforschung

Davoudi, S., Multigner, M., Calvez, I., Hermann, A., Landry, V. (2023). Influence of Magnetic Particles and Magnetic Field on Gloss in UV Coating. Coatings, 13(9), 1625.

Duchesne, I., Lamichhane, D. D., Dias, R. P., de la Mata, P., Williams, M., Lamothe, M., Harynuk, J., J., Isabel, N., Cloutier, A. (2023). Comparing GC×GC-TOFMS-based metabolomic profiling and wood anatomy for forensic identification of five meliaceae (mahogany) species. Wood and Fiber Science55(1), 53-82.

Elloumi, I., Hernández, R. E., Cáceres, C. B., Blais, C. (2023) Effects of log temperature, moisture content, and cutting width on energy requirements for processing logs by a chipper–canter. Wood Material Science & Engineering18(2), 394-401.

Flores, D., Dagenais, C., Blanchet, P. (2023). Characterizing the Performance of Adhesive Used in Glued-In Rod Timber Connections at Elevated Temperatures. Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, 37(4).

Fortin, C.P., Stevanovic, T. (2023). Study of High Molecular Weight Hemicelluloses Recovered from Black Spruce Mill Waste for Potential Value-Added Applications in Foods. Waste Biomass Valor

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Gaudelas, A., Blanchet, P., Gosselin, L., Cabral, M. R. (2023). Physical Characterization of Biobased Corrugated Panels, an Innovative Material. BioResources,  18(3), 5838-5858.

Harel, A., Sylvain, J.-D., Drolet, G., Thiffault, E., Thiffault, N., Tremblay, S. (2023). Fine scale assessment of seasonal, intra-seasonal and spatial dynamics of soil CO2 effluxes over a balsam fir-dominated perhumid boreal landscape. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology335, 109469.

Hermann, A., Giljean, S., Pac, M.-J., Marsiquet, C., Burr, D., Landry, V. (2023). Physico-mechanical characterisation of basecoats for tailored UV-cured multilayered wood coating systems. Progress in Organic Coatings182, 107673.

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Kasangana, P. B., Haddad, P. S., Stevanovic, T. (2023). Partial Structural Characterization of Complex Polysaccharide Isolated from Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum Marsh) Bark and its Anti-Inflammatory Activity. 5(1), 1-14.

Kharrat, W., Hernández, R. E., Cáceres, C. B. (2023). Effect of tip path overlap on ring debarker performance of frozen and unfrozen black spruce logs. Wood Material Science & Engineering

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Moreau, L., Thiffault, E., Kurz, W. A., Beauregard, R. (2023). Under what circumstances can the forest sector contribute to 2050 climate change mitigation targets? A study from forest ecosystems to landfill methane emissions for the province of Quebec, Canada. GCB Bioenergy.

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