The HQP committee

The committee’s mandate is to promote the integration of new students, but also of all members, through the organization of social activities. Level of involvement of members depends on their availability and may vary over time.

Another component of the HQP (Highly Qualified Personnel) committee is a representative mandate. By default, representatives from the members’ assemblies and the Executive Committee are part of the HQP Committee. In addition to these, the CRMR wishes to have representatives for all the research laboratories. This ensures a better transfer of information between the governance structures and the student body.

The HQP Committee meets 2 to 3 times per session. The meetings and meeting summaries are bilingual to ensure a good understanding by everybody. Members of the Committee have a role in disseminating information from the HQP Committee within their research lab.

Member Direction Level of education
Liza Abid Véronic Landry Ph. D
Anass Ait Benhamou Véronic Landry Postdoctoral Fellowship
Vahideh Akbari Véronic Landry Ph. D
Kiavash Gholamizoj Alexander Salenikovich Ph. D
Monica Gagnier Evelyne Thiffault Master
Antoine Harel Evelyne Thiffault Ph. D
Assira Keralta Véronic Landry Ph. D
Thomas Legendre Alain Cloutier Master
Bin Li Xiaodong (Alice) Wang Ph. D
Ndeye Khady Ndiaye Lo Alain Cloutier Ph. D
Maxime Parot Tatjana Stevanovic Postdoctoral Fellowship
Amirouche Sadaoui
Christian Dagenais Ph. D