Renewable Materials Research Centre

Congratulations to Professor Roger HERNÁNDEZ, who has been named to Stanford University’s list of top researchers!

20 November 2023


Congratulations to Roger Hernández, a member of the renewable materials research Centre and associate professor in the Faculty of forestry, geography, and geography at Laval University, who has been named to Stanford University’s prestigious list of the world’s most influential and renowned scientists!

Professor Roger Hernández headed the list in the forestry «materials» field! This distinction reflects not only Mr. Hernández’s excellence as a researcher but also the significant impact of his work in this field. It is a source of considerable pride for the university community and a well-deserved recognition of his dedication to the advancement of knowledge in the field of materials.

Congratulations Professor Roger Hernández on this exceptional achievement!


Reference: Ioannidis et al (2023), October 2023 data-update for «Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators», Elsevier Data.



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