Renewable Materials Research Centre

Congratulations to Maylis Carrère for her CERMA-CRMR EDI scholarship

18 August 2023

The joint EDI Committee between the CERMA and the CRMR congratulates and thanks Maylis Carrère, who was awarded a CERMA-CRMR EDI scholarship and successfully completed her project on people with disabilities. The project culminated in a conference given by Simon Chouinard, the executive director of Entrepreneuriat Ulaval, on June 15.

In addition to making a significant contribution to the organization of the conference, Maylis provided the meditation for the lecture in a highly professional manner. Maylis is a doctoral candidate in wood and bio-based materials engineering in the Department of Wood and Forest Sciences under the direction of Véronic Landry.

Maylis Carrère Simon Chouinard


Université Laval