Congratulations to Lucas Moreau , who successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation!

16 August 2023

Congratulations to Lucas Moreau, who successfully defended his doctoral thesis in forest science on August 15, 2023, under the supervision of Evelyne Thiffault and the co-direction of Robert Beauregard. Lucas’ project focuses on  «Evaluation of the mitigation potential of Quebec’s forestry sector in the fight against climate change»!

Congratulations Lucas, and we wish you a future filled with prosperity, joy and achievement!

The jury members were: Mr Yves Brousseau (President), Ms Évelyne Thiffault (Research Director). Mr Robert Beauregard (research co-director), Ms Annie Levasseur (external examiner), Ms Caroline Frenette (examiner) and Mr François Robichaud (examiner).

From left to right: Robert Beauregard, Annie Levasseur, Lucas Moreau, Évelyne Thiffault, Caroline Frenette and Yves Brousseau. Photo credit: Solène Marie Anne Péllerin.