CRMR News and Events for May 2024!

4 June 2024

You will find below the news and current events of the CRMR for the month of May 2024! Enjoy your reading.

For a detailed list of news and upcoming events, please refer to the main page of the CRMR website, as well as our social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) and the CRMR Youtube Channel!

CRMR’s events

Important dates – Financing, Awards and Congresses

  • June 19, 2024. Deadline for pre-applications to the Economic Impacts of Climate Change Research Program – 2nd and 3rd competitions). Details here!
  • August 9, 2024. Deadline to submit a letter of intent to the CRIBIQ Call for projects on the supply & conditioning of forest biomass for bioenergy production. Find out more!
  • September 26, 2024. Deadline for the call for proposals « A new program for research activities in the Innovation Zone – Energy Transition Valley ». Details here!
  • October 16 and 18, 2024-UQAC. Progress in sustainable development: science and engineering for the ecological and energy transition. Details here !

Achievements and successes

  • Maylis Carrère and Assira Keralta participate in the 55th International Conference of the « International Research Group on Wood Protection (IRG/WP) »! Details here!
  • Participation of Vahideh Akbari at the « AWPA’s 120th Annual Meeting » and « 2024 TRFA Annual Meeting »! Details here!
  • Congratulations to Pierre Blanchet and Véronic Landry on receiving a $52,045 partnership grant from NSERC’s Alliance Advantage program, in collaboration with Produit Boréal! Détails here!
  • Evelyne Thiffault offered a conference at the Geotop seminars! Details here!
  • Adrien Gaudelas, a PhD in wood and bio-based materials engineering, has participated in « Les inventifs »!Details here!

Learning and know-how!

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Articles published in peer-reviewed research journals.

  • Rodríguez, G.E., Bustos Ávila, C., Cloutier, A. Physical and Mechanical Properties of Fiberboard Made of MDF Residues and Phase Change Materials. Forests 2024, 15, 802.
  • Laberge, S., Courcot, B., Lagarde, A., Desrosiers, S. L., Lafore, K., Thiffault, E., Thiffault, N., Bélanger, N. (2024). Opportunities and challenges to improve carbon and greenhouse gas budgets of the forest industry through better management of pulp and paper by-products. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 12:1381141.
  • Sexton, J.T., Morin, M., Georges, R., Abasian, F., Gaudreault, J. (2024). Wood planer control: Predictive and prescriptive approaches via Automatic State Matching Gaussian processes. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Volume 132, ISSN 0952-1976.
  • Voyer, D., Moreau, G., Gennaretti, F., Bédard, S., Havreljuk, F., Grondin, P., Achim, A. (2024). Age and growth reductions increase the proportion of dark heartwood in sugar maple at the northern limit of its range. Forestry: An International Journal of Forest Research.
  • Dadras Chomachayi, M., Blanchet, P. (2024). Fabrication of smart vapor barrier membranes from polyhydroxyalkanoate and cellulose filaments for building envelope applications. Cellulose.

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