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Mental health concerns us all!

16 April 2021

One of the major issues identified for the mental health of the teaching community is the management of its emotional health. This is also an issue for students and young adults for whom stress management is more difficult. The COVID-19 pandemic has not helped. Some of us feel helpless, stressed or anxious about these major changes in our daily lives and habits. Others feel worried and afraid for their loved ones. Many feel alone working at home, with few social contacts, and in facilities that are not necessarily ergonomic and adapted to our needs. There are all those who are overworked. For example, the workload of university and college teachers has doubled since March 2020! There are all those who struggle to motivate themselves to work, day after day, and feel guilty for not progressing at the pace initially planned. Finally, there are those who, having temporarily lost access to offices and laboratories, have become discouraged, or even live in financial precariousness having had to extend their studies and no longer having funding.

Five warning signs that your mental health or that of a closed one is deteriorating:

  • Distress
  • Changes in personality
  • Occasional absences and absenteeism
  • Degradation in performance
  • Extreme behaviours (e.g., alcohol and drug use)

Take care of yourself first and learn to self-diagnose your mental health. This way, you will be prepared to take care of your loved ones, your students, your employees, etc. and to detect distress in others.

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